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Parco del Brenta

Carpfishing Club

Un oasi favolosa immersa nel verde, una ex cava di oltre 146.000 metri quadrati con un perimetro di circa 3 chilometri che sorge a Fontaniva in provincia di Padova, un bacino che divenne un lago di pesca sportiva nel 1997.

La vostra voce

I have never fished a lake with so many big and most importantly catchable carp. This lake suited a group booking such as ours perfectly. Every one had stacks of water to fish, almost everyone caught even in November and there were many many big fish amongst them. It rewards the hard working angler with big hits and the relaxed guy can always have a chance at a Parco monster, or seven.......

Danny Fairbrass

Parco del Brenta is without doubt the lake of dreams, I defy anyone to not fall in love with this piece of heaven on Earth, I truly adore everything about it, the fishing is the best on a world scale and is like nothing you will find anywhere else, with truly huge carp that have a very high average weight.
Then lake itself is situated in a beautiful part of Italy about 45 minutes from Venice with the alps as a stunning backdrop even the air feels better at Parco.
Then of course you have my very dear friend Antonio and his family who run the lake, they are an absolute joy to be with and are perfect hosts to all who attend the lake.
For much of the year you have the stunning weather at Parco where the carp seem to feed better the hotter it is.
I could go on all day with superlatives about this beautiful venue my advice is just go and try it and then you too will be under the Parco spell.

Frank Warwick

The great thing about Parco is that when you get it right you really can have a BIG hit of fish with an average size than very few lakes can offer. BUT I also like my Winter fishing and whilst it’s definitely trickier, if you work hard and be prepared to sit up late listening, you can get on the fish and still realistically get amongst the fish. Parco, a carp anglers paradise at any time of year.

Neil Spooner

Parco is a fantastic set up , Antonio and all his staff are very friendly and helpful , it has all the facilities and above all , is home to loads of huge carp.

Martin Locke

One of my favourite lakes for sure, lots of great fish and a friendly atmosphere - I caught my biggest carp here!!!

Steve Briggs

Amazing venue, amazing fish, lovely people, perfect place in my eyes.

Paul Getty

I’ve been travelling to Parco del Brenta, Italy for 8 years now and I’ve always enjoyed my time at the venue. The lake is superb and holds some very big fish (I’ve broken my PB two times there), but it is the kind hospitality of Antonio and his family that has always attracted me back. Nothing is ever too much and if I’ve ever needed anything it has always been sorted. This has always been a great comfort being so far from home and in a foreign country. Antonio is also a very experienced carp angler and his advice is always worth listening to. I organise week group trips to Parco and these are always a lot of fun, but it is in the winter when I really enjoy my own fishing at this superb venue. Good luck to you, Pete Castle.

Pete Castle

I was fishing Parco del Brenta lake for the first time in April 2013. Way before it reached its current fame. My goal was to catch a carp over 30 kg in Italy. On my second trip there I caught what was at the time second biggest carp of the lake with 32,3 kg. I visited the lake a couple of times and always had a great experience. It is difficult to find a lake with such an amazing average weight of the carp. I hope to fish this super nice lake soon again.

Kristof Cuderman

I’ve been going to Parco Del Brenta for the past few years now and can tell you that Antonio and his family are amongst the most welcoming hosts you could ever wish for.
Set in the Padua countryside, this old gravel pit of approx. 35 acres is rich in natural food and can easily be described as a ‘runs water stuffed with big fish’ where catches of 100+ fish a week aren’t uncommon.
Every year, my trips to Parco are the first dates to go into my diary and I can honestly say it’s one of the best waters I’ve every fished!

Max Cottis


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