1. Maximum 3 Rods per Angler
  2. 15lb mono minimum to be used as mainline
  3. No braided mainline
  4. No shock leaders of any kind
  5. Lead core and fused leaders are OK
  6. No permanent fixed rigs, rig checks will be carried out during your stay
  7. No Particles or Nuts, the only ones allowed are the ones you can purchase on site (except hemp and tinned sweetcorn)
  8. Please collect your cigarette butts
  9. Unhooking Mats are provided
  10. The fish must be lifted out of the water using a weigh sling, please check the fins are all flat against the body before lifting
  11. No carp sacks and no keeping fish in retainers for long time
  12. No Bait boats or rowing boats (bait boats allowed on lake exclusive bookings and Winter time)
  13. No Vitalin
  14. No Maggots
  15. No Zigs No Floater Fishing
  16. The car can be left in your peg, if you need to go to shops etc please leave it in the car park
  17. No Pets
  18. Please respect your swim boundaries (see map)
  19. Please bring your waste to the bailiff on a daily basis and follow his instructions
  20. Don’t leave your rods unattended
  21. No Swimming
  22. Please treat the nature, the fish and the other anglers how you would like to be treated
  23. No Lure fishing (spinning)


General Rules

  1. The lodge opens 10.00am closes 20.00pm
  2. The car can’t be moved after arrival from the peg, if you wish to use the car during your stay please bring it to the main car park after unloading on arrival
  3. If you want to leave the rubbish at the lake follow the dividing instructions you will receive on the lake. If these instructions are not followed we won’t accept your waste and you will have to bring it home with you.
  4. Showers work with 1€ coins


Frequent questions - FAQ

Are there shops nearby?

Yes, in maximum 10 minutes’ drive you can find big shopping centre, supermarket, farmacia, tobacco shop, garage, petrol station, restaurant, hardware store, hospital, etc.

Can i bring my pet with me?

NO, we do not allow pets on site!

Can I bring my own bait?

YES, but particle(except hemp and canned sweetcorn) must be purchased on site, and keep in mind that nuts are not allowed!

Do I book swims or is there a draw on arrival day?

You book the swim or swims in advance!

Ask us for the availability of swims

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